Sunday, 13 October 2019

Planning Christmas

Cats collide being rained upon
Dry summer days have now long gone
Evening light fades
I flick my braids
Finger them now
Shy smile on show
Toddler sister follows me round
Without making one sound

I like autumn when the leaves fall
From the sycamore tree tall
Scuff feet in leaves
Dad checks the eaves
Wear socks for hose
And warm night clothes
With our Lounge fire hot as a forge
And lots of snacks and food shall gorge

Might get dressed up for Halloween
Perhaps I'm too old at sixteen?
Roads now icy
Driving's dicey
Salt is now spread
Got hat on head
Snuggling is good with my boyfriend
Check Christmas lists that never end

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  1. I love your opening line - it sets the playful tone for this poem...Christmas already..Halloween first

  2. You have really characterized well that chill that is October, the changes taking place, the preparation for Halloween and the looking ahead toward Christmas.

  3. You took me there, Robin. What a pleasant scene!

  4. A teenager’s world is so simple isn’t it? A charming poem.

  5. Preparing for a holiday that may or may not happen...

  6. The idea of being to all to dress up for Halloween at sixteen made me giggle. It's such a truthful reaction for some teens.

  7. A cheerful poem for a cozy reading day! :)

  8. This is such a delightful read, Robin!❤️

  9. With the idea of "big box stores" stocking the shelves with Christmas decorations in the first week of October, I thought your title was fitting.
    Thank you for sharing

  10. This was fun to read and I enjoyed the way you weaved in the rhymes.

  11. Sixteen - I want those worries again...

  12. A flashback. I like the last line about Christmas lists that never end.

  13. your poetry is such a delight to read!
    poetry is wonderful, isn't it, when we can even take on the persona of a teenage girl?
    yes, i was a a small store recently, and it was playing Christmas songs. perhaps it was on a practice run or was it trying to improve sales?

  14. ugh. "i was at a small store.."

  15. A wonderful capture of this bright and vivid season.