Wednesday, 20 February 2019

With some birds

My idea of fun you see
Is going out to climb a tree
To see far off to distant places
And laugh at little kids jealous faces

I poke a snoot down below
To see some birds strut to and fro
I drop some acorns from this old oak tree
They show no surprise unaware of me

Not knowing there's a human here
They look around; the coast is clear
But when I then squawk with a bird like noise
They jump with such fear and lose all their poise

They don't see me up above
The first to fly are all the doves
Starlings and thrushes don't give a hoot
While wiley blackbird looks up so astute

Sees this human perching high
Shakes his head and flies up in the sky
Wonder if he tells them where I am
For all at once the whole flock did scram

Mum asked where I'd been, when home
In those days it was safe to roam
"Oh with some birds that are my best friends"
How strange she looks as she misunderstands

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"Poke a snoot"  means to treat haughtily or to peer at. Snoot or snooter meaning nose.


  1. Haha! Non-malicious little boy fun! I can still get about a foot off the ground, but not to tree top. This is a good story.

  2. Loved this - the simple fun of a naughty little boy.

  3. 😊your delicious naught fun had me in giggles
    Thanks for dropping by my blog


  4. Ha, she thought you meant girls. This was fun. Loved it, Robin.

  5. ah a strange bird makes noises among the birds Love this fun poem

  6. This idea of fun is perfect! Miracles happen in trees. And when we climb them, we can share the magic.

  7. Ha! I laugh out loud. Such fun childhood memories!

  8. Birds are the best of companions specially when twittering chirping and fluttering in the density of the trees.Lovely enjoyable poem