Thursday, 14 February 2019

Her green eyes

I saw her across the street
Never thinking that we'd meet
Flicking her blonde streaked hair
Should I approach her, should I dare?

All rugged up in winter's cold
She must be twenty years old
So aloof but such a beauty
Have to ask her, it's my duty

Her green eyes, how they melt me
A flicker of smile I can see
Chat until her bus comes in
Then I walk home, I'm in heaven

Next day we arrange a date
That's simple, flicks! No debate
Cuddled up and held her hand
Ate the choc's gave her beforehand

I miss courting years ago
Beautiful years quickly go
But with her did not tarry
So one year later we did marry

Fifty years and now she's gone
Three babes, six grandkids on
Does one sing a song of praise
For each of those halcyon days?

When I saw her on that street
Who'd thought she'd make life so sweet
Luckiest man in the land 
I still yearn to hold her hand

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  1. You picked a peach in the garden of love, my friend. And so did she!

  2. Beautiful romance, Robin. Nicely written, "...Luckiest man in the land 
    I still yearn to hold her hand," and a married life like everyone wants.

  3. Ah, this is so sweet — that first meeting and date set the picture rolling for all the beautiful memories shared in a lifetime. This bit is so poignant: "Does one sing a song of praise/For each of those halcyon days?"

  4. Oh Robin this is so tender and emotive ❤️ my heart goes out to you! Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 😊

  5. And you probably always will...I enjoyed your poem.

  6. A heart-stirring poem of romance. Beautiful, Robin.