Saturday, 9 February 2019

What could go wrong

Just for a laugh and just for dare
Asked my brother about dating Claire
Claire is my friend and beautiful too
But jealous that I'm dating Matthew

Sweet Claire sings like a nightingale
And Miss Bates says she writes really well
What could go wrong she'll like him for sure
This must be her, there's knock at the door

It's Matthew and Claire both at the same time
Just as the church clock now starts to chime
Matt grins shyly as he looks at me
While brother looks anxious and edgy

As he hadn't met Matthew before
"Excuse me" he pulls me out the door
"Won't be a minute" says to them fast
In kitchen tells of Matt's darker past

That chat now done we climb in two cars
Drive to a restaurant that's not far
Sure dunno how I managed to eat
Claire and I took a break from our seats

Back at the table found Matthew had gone
Brother said he'd been called on the phone
Well, he said "Sorry, crisis at home"
Claire's head shook, "I saw how his eyes roamed"

"For on the way here he tried it on me
Flirty touches, then grinning with glee"
I started to cry, I felt such a jerk
Let's hope brother's date with Claire will work

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  1. Ah the age old medium of match-making!❤️ I enjoyed reading this one, Robin.

  2. The perils of dating. You are so good at writing romantic vignettes, Robin. You see with eyes of love.

  3. They're better off without a scoundrel like Matthew!

  4. Oh there are always the risk of a date being a rascal... good that you were more than just the two

  5. Oh, but the people with a darker past are often the most interesting!

  6. Ah - dating is quite a game. And Matthew sounds like he was a master player. Good riddance!

  7. Good story. Glad I haven't had to worry about dating entanglements for a very long time.

  8. Have always enjoyed your wit Robin. You managed it so well in many of your writings. More so in this one cleverly done around many names and many different settings.


  9. How great to have a protective older brother!

  10. that was a cute one for sure!! Thanks for the comment on my post, might as well fly now, for tomorrow may be toooooooo late.

  11. The scene unfolded like a movie!

  12. Oh...interesting....enjoyed!