Saturday, 23 February 2019

Sun's shining face

Oh Spring come along
Where are your blue skies aglow?
And Sun's shining face

We need rainfall too
So that our seeds can all thrive
Then farmers can smile

Busy bees please come
There's much work for you to do
Fertilize this plants

Much thanks go to you
For the work all you have done
Fine harvest we'll reap

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  1. Lovely poem. I enjoyed reading it.
    Jui Positive Cookies

  2. We get anxious to start planting this time of year. I do love the cycles of the seasons. I had a huge garden when my kids were young.

  3. Spring is a season of fear for a farmer... here you would add a late frost as a risk as well.

  4. We need both - the sun and rain in their proper order - and of course the bees.

  5. Yes we need rainfall to..but it is wonderful to see Sun's shining face! Wonderful spring poem Robin!

  6. Very cheerful, Robin, with the promise of ‘Sun's shining face’, smiling farmers and busy bees! I like the thanks at the end.

  7. Ribin, you are right onto the spring days here (Houston, Texas), This weekend we've had your bright clear blue skies. The rains had gone and the sun had supreme authority over our weather. I'll hand pollinate my small orange tree as last year I only had four oranges. The bees have gone, our Congress let us down, no money to research our problem and for science to stop their decline.

  8. A lovely invitation and looking forward.