Thursday, 7 February 2019

Did I help?

I woke up this morning
So thank goodness for that
I checked all my emails
And fed Tinker my cat
Before you say a word
I didn't call him that
His former owner did
So thats the end to that

Ping! The computer went
Who else can be up now?
It's Clair who wants to meet
Perhaps to have some chow?
Must admit loved her once
Not so as to take vows
Was pretty I admit
But that's enough for now

Met her in park's garden
We walked with not much said
Then sat down on a bench
Damn! Wish we were in bed
Forgot how beaut she was
She told me of marriage dead
Held her hand, warm to touch
Words from her heart were bled

Did I help? 'Spose I did
Dried her tears from her face
She said "What shall I do?"
"I do need some space"
Told her to take a break
"Try it, It's no disgrace"
Nodding agreed with me
So moved into my place

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  1. Ha ha. Very sweet and fun! Thanks. k.

  2. Oh wow, an unexpected ending...or beginning. Smiles. A fun read, Robin.

  3. Thsnk you, Robin, for thoughts of the moment. And of previous moments. Some situations call for a decision on the whim of a moment. I hope you all's worked well. Yes, a surprise.

  4. The poem has this hard surface--I got the sense of a durable yet distant sense of age--not much getting past into the heart--and then we get this other, this woman, the distant affection which is belied and betrayed by the surprise ending. And we go, whoa, much more to this than the dude allows. But ain't that the truth!

  5. The heart does want the heart wants to do. It appears you did exactly that.

  6. Quite a surprise ending, Robin. Love the poem.