Saturday, 2 February 2019

Love walking at night

I love walking at night
When a whole new world comes alive
Bats chasing moths and flies
Quickly, quietly flutter and dive

Owl watches, turns his head
A stranger in his world tonight
Head rotating, body still
This man is not good in his sight

So venture far from town
I walk on past the last streetlight
Horse whinnies in paddock
Young foxes yelp in friendly fight

Town's streetlights now far off
As streams rippling water I hear
A splash in pond is heard
I'll observe but not interfere

Creatures oft sing their songs
Invisible lullabies to send
Warnings and claims to land
Or sending love to a girl friend

I love walking in the night
When a whole new world comes alive
Cats chasing who they like
Slyly, quietly, pounce and dive

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  1. As long as the creatures of the night don't disturb, walking in the night without fright will seem right :)
    My WOW Gadgets - Anita

  2. I agree, it's a whole other world and experience when the sun goes down!❤️

  3. How the same place can differ so much between day, and night. I like the way you have used such similarities between the first and final stanza, but but creating differing images. Thanks for sharing your poem.

  4. I love the mood of this poem! There is something magical about walking in the night indeed.

  5. I used to like walking at night too. I enjoyed reading about all who crossed the narrator's path.

  6. A good night walk can definitely change your perspective.

  7. I sometimes take an evening walk and you are right there is a sense of new life almost magical.

  8. Yes, we have forced the creatures to the night. I don't think it was always this way.

  9. Yes, the night does seem to awaken some of our most observant senses as well as creatures that like the darkness. Don't think I've ever walked at night but think I would love to - on a moonlit night.

  10. There is that set of creatures awakened by the night... I imagine the claws and the teeth behind the gleaming eyes.

  11. Nice write on a night walk and what might be encountered.

  12. The owl with its body still a d head rotating is very interesting. For tbr creatures of the night will see all. Even what the human walking will miss
    Happy Sunday


  13. Night life is another existence altogether. I enjoyed this 'walk'

  14. Ah, this evocative piece reminds me of when I used to like that, too. Nights are not so safe any more; also I am less energetic.

  15. I love walking at night, too - or, at least I used to. Great 'capture' here.

  16. The best thing about night walks are the sounds.

  17. I love the quiet on a night walk