Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The cloudy day

I can remember as a child
When spring days were warm and mild
I'd run in fields so close to us
And lay me down on the grass

I looked up to the sky above
And this is what I really love
The clouds sped by at such a pace
Going to some other place

I liked it there now all alone
Just me and the insects' drone
Far from my bully brother
All alone needed no other

Until I see Billy from school
We often used to play the fool
So off we raced through the long grass
And watching clouds was in the past

How we need to refresh ourselves
Running free like forest elves
Wading in woodland streams
Living out our childish dreams

Mum will be cross I'm in the creek
Now seeing sun is near its peak
Must get home before our lunch
Brother's sure to give me a punch

I look back up in the sky again
The dark clouds now look like rain
Have to stay in this afternoon
School holidays end far too soon

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  1. You live in a land of Big Sky.....what a beautiful photo! Your poem takes me back to childhood days when we played outdoors all the day long, going in only for meals. So different today!

  2. A wonderful reflection of the past Robin. Wisdom within the lines of beautiful rhyme and flow. Truly lovely!

  3. A wonderful reflective poem. I still watch the clouds whenever I can.

  4. "And this is what I really love
    The clouds sped by at such a pace
    Going to some other place . . ."

    As does this little boy. I love that he schedules events by the wide sky and the speeding clouds.

  5. You are a great storyteller Love the following lines
    Running free like forest elves
    Wading in woodland streams

  6. Aah...the expanse of childhood with no hurry and only joy & a little fear for mum, elder brother. So beautifully put. I also love the lines Marja quoted above.

  7. Another wonderful and reminiscing poem of childhood by you. And holidays do end too soon, indeed. :)

  8. This one makes me miss my childhood years with my brothers. I miss so many things--clouds, rivers, cheating at cards *cough* and have them chase me when they figured it out. I also miss the alone time in the woods, just me... and other living things that needed no conversation or cards or chasing.

  9. Sad you had to contend with a bully in the family You often refer to it.

  10. I love the morning this describes. It sounds like such a sweet memory, except for the bully.

  11. I just loved this reflection...felt like going all those places...

  12. I did not link to PU this weekend because i did poetry still i invite you to drop by
    THEN MOON SMILED: a haiku fiction sequence

    much love...