Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Love that lasts

I shouldn't have but I didn't care
I held her hand walking home from school
Our satchels on opposite shoulders
But everyone guessed we were such fools

I kissed her in her front room at home
And gently touched her arms and soft breasts
Heard her mother at back door come in
"Whose this" as girlfriend adjusts her dress

"Oh yes, I do remember your dad"
When we both tell her just who I am
Hoping she doesn't see girl's loose clothes
But think I'm as innocent as a lamb

How I loved this sweet girfriend of mine
And liked it when we walked near and far
Across field, in woods and running streams
Sadly in the end she said "Ta ta"

It's been sixty years since our last walk
Both married going separate ways
Our spouses left us now, their time came
So now we write in our final days

Image found at https://pixabay.com/en/couple-kissing-marriage-retro-love-1779066/


  1. An old flame flickers again! You do have a wealth of romance stories!

  2. Embers are starting to grow a fire. Love this

  3. Some love stories linger longer I guess!😊❤️

  4. This is so sweet... and the old glow can still grow into flames.

  5. Aw! It's great that you are still in touch.

  6. Aww, this is lovely and sad all at the same time

  7. we keep long memories, don't we?