Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A kid again

No zero tolerance in my day
Just  knew that I'd mucked up
I would have to stay in and not play

That was the rule both home and at school
Swinging legs in my seat
Wanted to cry but I'd look like a fool

Then at last minute allowed a break
To go to the toilet
This was my playtime for goodness sake!

I much preferred to run around like mad
Teacher patted my head
"Be good next time" I saw she was sad

Perhaps she was human after all
In the playgound I went
To race round about until bells call

Others had been there so grinned at me
But I recalled her eyes
She wanted to be what I could be

Young and skipping and jumping with glee
A kid again like us
When back in the classroom she smiled at me

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  1. Wonderful! When we had respect for our elders (and our elders were reasonable), very little punishment was needed. A look would do. Great topic!

  2. Ah, what a sweet story.......she understood children and likely felt bad she had to keep you from playtime.

  3. Those were the days when kids were taught to respect elders and rules and thank goodness for adults who cared and gave the kids someone to respect.

  4. so nice that the teacher had the wisdom of forgiveness. For who hasn't been a little naughty as a child? an adult too.

  5. Robin, for every teacher like your poem, there was many more, who used the cane or ruler, to enforce disciple in the classroom. In using using native language, instead of English, when responding to another classmate. Or, the unforgivable sin, writing with your left hand. When everyone knows, the proper way, is right handed. Oh the good old days.

  6. Very good Love it and so beautiful "But I recalled her eyes
    She wanted to be what I could be" I think things were truly better in the past There was respect and there was more care. Great poem

  7. This is how the rules were and may be still is and this is how a teacher lives on in the mind of a student. So beautifully put.

  8. Those were the days, my friend! So all starts right with us as individuals---communicating this life-positive energy to everyone every day in every way we can.
    Lovely read, Robin.

  9. Memories still fresh in the mind.
    Childhood magic is hard to find!

    Zero Tolerance For Misinformation - Anita