Thursday, 21 February 2019

I make a mistake

This poem is being awoken that causes a fright
This poem is hearing crying on a starlit night
This poem is a nudge in the back by my wife
This poem's about my turn to tend to the love of my life

So up and off to our sweet daughter's pink crib I go
So pick her up, tears vanish as a kiss I bestow
So a sweet smile comes on her now beaming face
So I smile too as she now looks around the whole place

We go off to the kitchen to warm some milk for her
We see a bottle of beer in there but I must demur
We warm up the milk in saucepan but make a mess
We put it in a bottle she drinks I give her a caress

I make a mistake by taking her in our room
I see at once that her face is now all abloom
I see that my dear wife is shaking her sweet head
I know now that I have to find another bed 

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  1. Robin, I so love this! What a sweet father you must have been! I can see your little girl's rosy face and smile. This poem was a sweet walk down a long-ago path, as I thought back to all those nighttime feedings, just me, a baby, and a slow sunrise creeping up over the mountains. Thanks so much for taking part in the prompt. It is always so lovely to read you.

  2. ... so tiring, but so worth it. The memories are dear.

  3. This poem is a boomerang of memories, Rob! How wonderful that your daughter is the love of your life - you must have been a great dad.

  4. So funny to me as I'm very familiar with this's been years now though for me...I do miss those days and in the same breath I LOVE my sleep lol You captured the quiet/loud/quiet and emotions of these moments so well. Thank you, so much for sharing this piece!!

  5. Cute, Robin. Your writer should not forget to clean up his mess. Wifey doesn't need to know.

  6. This is so cute, sweet and adorable, Robin!🌹

  7. Ah, the tenderness of fatherhood, a lovely thing.

  8. Oh, I loved this! First stanza I loved most .... so many memories.