Sunday, 16 December 2018

Winter romance

Sally in winter

Winter is not a happy time
Whereas summer is sublime
Where one can play and love at ease
And watch the stars just as we please

At the beach I see much more of her
Whereas all others seem a blur
Cuddles are really much more fun
With much less things to be undone

Winter comes and shows its grey dome
And bitter cold freezes my bones
So I find I must limber up
And run about at a gallop

In fact it's like a cold valley
Such as with my girlfriend Sally
Who keeps shivering with the cold
So she in my arms I enfold

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  1. I find a little romance quite warming in the winter!

  2. At least the poet HAS someone to enfold in his arms! Merry Christmas...and keep warm (when winter finally comes to your southern clime).

  3. A balance in the essence existence captured neatly here - as always a meaningful write my friend.

  4. It blows my mind that you are in summer while we're in winter. And that i am just waking up and your Sunday is already over. Wow.

  5. Ah there is nothing quite like romance in the winter! 💜💜💜

  6. Oh in the end the cold brings some "luck"

  7. Romance and winter a perfect combination.

  8. I'm a lover of summer. Still... winter is yummy in bed. Well... as long as one is not having hot flashes that threaten to roast one's bed-mate alive, lol!

  9. Each season has its advantage, I suppose. Winter is good for cuddling, summer for those wonderful days of swimming at the beach.

  10. Haha, I read this as if it were an advice column, and indeed, it has a bit of recommendation in it. The swinging rhyme helps to lighten it up and prepare for the surprise end.

  11. "Cuddles are really much more fun
    With much less things to be undone"

    Ha. So true.

  12. Ha ha, love will find a way whatever the weather.

  13. Not a big winter fan either OE... Sally looks warm... :-/)

  14. Love it! The cadence you've struck, in this piece, is a treat.

  15. In the bitter cold it is difficult on days to gallop as one just wants to hibernate. Enjoyed the rhyme scheme.

  16. Even I don't like winter so much! But you must thank winter as -
    "Due to Winter charm
    your girlfriend
    is in your arms" :)

  17. To you and your 200 girlfriends..Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  18. haha, looks like it's a warm winter...

  19. Warm wishes Robin

    Happy you stopped by my sumie Sunday this week.
    Please drop by 25 Dec 2018 -January 5 2019 for The 12 Days of Christmas Festival