Sunday, 30 December 2018

Love can be so cruel

Love can be so cruel
But it is worse in winter
When your young miss boots you out
Cold lonely days of darkness
Mourning a lost love

Love makes fools of us
But are we discouraged? No!
We should but shrug our shoulders
Forget what we have just lost
Bravely wag our tails

'Less we are fragile
Knowing that sister's advice
"That your girl was horrible
Plenty of fish in he sea"
Won't heal my poor heart

Mind you, she was right
About a fortnight later
I met this girl Sally Anne
And we clicked in a moment
Why's Sis always right?

Why is love so beaut?
But it is best in spring time
When everything blooms again
Kissing Sal is such a treat
Her eyes say it all

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  1. Your poem starts out on a low note, and ends on a high note. Wonderful the ways of love! Happy New Year to you and your beloved!