Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas diet

Do you remember me?
I was te guy who smiled
When last New Year came round
After months in hospital
All but interred in the ground

My mind altered with drugs
Needles and drips what fun
Difficult to walk now
"It's time to go home sir
So it's steady as you go"

"My stomach's not happy"
I say to my doctor
"It's tum's bacteria
Dietician for you
Fix appointment to see her"

"You must cut acid foods"
Explains Fodmap diet
All the food that I love
I'm forbidden to eat
"Really! Good heavens above

"But Christmas is here
So what shall I do please?
"Just don't overdo it
Eat in moderation
I'm sure you'll benefit"

Being on a diet at Christmas can be a stressful time but I survived!

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  1. A LITTLE of what you fancy, isn't it? Glad you both enjoyed and survived.

  2. Christmas has to be one the worst times for a diet... (but maybe also the best time in some ways)

  3. Robin, you hit it straight. Christmas and moderation is a magic cure. My cardiologist's dietitian gave me permission to eat anything in moderation. I was glad to read the happy ending here.

  4. Well, most certainly, after such trials, it does give one more opportunity to pause and reflect on one's blessings. And to have a second chance, is a great gift in itself. And like most things in life, moderation is usually a steadfast key to well-being and success. So in the end, you get to face many more days - a blessing - and also enjoy some of your favourite things as well. A little taste often goes a long way!

    Glad that everything turned out well for you Robin, and so I wish you Happy Holidays and may the new year bring continued blessings, gifts and rewards.

  5. A little of everything we like in moderation is the best thing 💖💖

  6. I concur.. not the best time for weight-watching. i am in despair over the extra kgs.

  7. Hard to keep a diet during the holidays....

  8. Diet...but it is for your best! It is better to eat in moderation than to end in hospital again!
    Even I am on a diet due to health reasons and I completely agree with you! Happy Holidays!