Sunday, 23 December 2018

Meddling Moon

Once so long before I was wed
I had a girl whose name was Sue
With whom I walked each night
Holding hands and kissing as lovers do

In a dark unattended park
We sat down on a handy bench
First we hugged and then we kissed
I must confess she's a beautiful wench 

How great she was I must tell you
Such charms I wanted to cry out loud
Her lips, her eyes, her warmth
Then a full moon came from behind a cloud

Jealous that white orb surely was
Our kisses stopped as Sue stared up
And fell for Moon's love spell
So I supped no more from her loving cup

So in future I wooed indoors
Where romance bloomed to my delight
Free from Moon's meddling ways
It was warmer too each cold winter's night

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  1. A meddling moon, how interesting.

  2. Oh... I never knew that about the moon, but I can understand the lunacy of being moonstruck

  3. Ah yes the many faces of the moon .. I suspect there is a dark side to everyone.

  4. Oh this made me giggle...darn it the moon is so hard to compete with

  5. What a spoilsport that moon is. Lol! I loved the light humour in this.