Saturday, 15 December 2018

The best time

Why is it that now I am old
That childhood stares me in the face
To relive those halcyon days
I dream of climbing trees again
And wade in flowing water streams
To wake crying from my sad dreams

I see children iPad in their hands
Wasting the best time of their lives
So drift back to my youthful days
Watching steam engines roaring by
Perched at top of railway cutting
Smoke in face and eyes a'smarting

And dare I tell you the tale of Joan
My first real girlfriend all alone
With gentle touch and sweetest kiss
Our sighs marked first step in our lives
That put all childish things away
On a journey to this very day

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  1. We truly had glorious childhoods, playing outdoors. So different from kids' lives today.

  2. Some of us adults could also do with reminders to put down our devices and go play a little too. :D

  3. Sigh .. I can resonate with the bewilderment and feeling that accompanies when one sees children wasting their golden period in life with Ipads and other similiar devices.

    They don't know what they are missing out on 😥

  4. The tools that connect us to cyberspace are important--to both of us, I suspect, since without them we wouldn't be here--but your poems speaks truth, painful truth. I wonder if the very young, those whose bodies can do pretty much anything they ask of them, will understand in time that freedom of muscle and bone does't last forever. I find myself envying them (every now and again). Thank goodness for the memories...

  5. I agree. I have a friend that is totally off computers and kindles and such. She goes to the library once a week to check things there. No ipads and such for her children either, no smartphones. The kids play outside when it isn't raining and read real books and play board games inside when the weather is bad. They don't seem to miss the technology their friends have and are perfectly happy. Pity more parents can't unhook themselves from these devices and play with their kids outside.

  6. OE, perhaps you miss your innocence, wanting a kinder and gentler experience. I have great trepidation for these iPhone generations. The natural world could probably go to waste and they wouldn't miss it as long as they could have it in virtual reality.

  7. This is such an honest poem, Robin, that reaches out and touches me – and other readers who recognise themselves in it. What happened to Joan who was all alone?

    1. Please don't be fooled by the apparent honesty in this poem Kim. Almost all my work is pure fiction; however I am most grateful for yours and others comments.

  8. So sweet... to play like that... I'm thankful for not growing up with computers (though I deal with them a lot these days)

  9. Just goes to show what joys the present youngsters would miss when growing up. How lucky one who grew up within the transition period to experience both joys - one in the raw and the other the digital age. Beautifully set Robin, as always!


  10. insightful and transporting story

  11. Yes, such a different time for growing up. Thats why I so try and pick vacations where it IS NOT Disney Land but quiet places and in historic areas where we have to explore, play board games, relax and read in a hammock!