Thursday, 20 December 2018

A Thylacine kiss

I shouldn't really tell you this
But I've had a Thylacine kiss
Who poked his nose at me
To see what other food he'd get for free

I'd gone walking in the deep bush
South of town when I heard a whoosh
Could have been a bird or a bat
Or any creature on God's Earth come to that

So anyhow I'd sat me down
When this creature with stripes of brown
Came out and stared at me
Then sat down under a eucalyptus tree

I had beef sandwich in my hand
So threw a bit in the bushland
His eyes watched every move
Then got up, found food at me did approve

With nod wandered back to his tree
Closer this time staring at me
So we shared all my food
Then leaned back as though sleep was my mood

Through half closed eyes relaxed my head
And he curled up ready for bed
Place his head on my knee
First sniffed my clothes then licked my hand for me

I drifted off in land of dreams
And woke, all was not as it seems
Thylacine was long gone
My special treat to recall ever on

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  1. You know what, I think you just made that up! (But it sure sounds delightful.)

  2. So....did she love you, or the beef sandwich? You'll never know, will you? ;-)

  3. I love a bit of whimsy on a Friday afternoon, Robin!

  4. My favorite of your's for now!!

  5. I really hope it's true... a wonderful little story.

  6. Oh, what a moment.. lovely writing