Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Our lesson learned

Peace be with you
Well I hope for the best
Whether you be human
Or a bird on its nest

          In charge am I
          Of birds, trees, fish and seas
          It's money in the bank
          That's important to me

Our lesson learned
We don't mean that at all
Those humans are so cruel
Not caring if you fall

          Trees they're useful
          And water we can sell
          Now just what did you say
          Folks are living in hell?

The waste chokes us
Ice caps melting away
The seas are dying now
Strangely quiet today

          We are laughing
          We have made so much cash
          But we are in trouble
          Things are starting to crash

Nature has won
Do you hear that sweet song
It's peace on Earth day
Humans have now all gone

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  1. Ouch. Speechless in this moment--as we will be when all is gone.

  2. Yes, sadly, I believe this is how humankind will finally learn its lesson. But the earth will survive, and heal. I hope then all the animals will come back and they can live in peace as they know so well how to do.

  3. As we conquer, we think so little of the small creatures who sing peace into our world.
    Fine poem

  4. That last line makes me ashamed to be human. Yet I live in hope we get our act together in time

    much love...

  5. The other day, a friend on Facebook asked me, "What do you think will happen if humans go extinct?" I said, "Happiness for everything else, I'm sure."

    We are a terrible animal. I wish we were better, but... like your speaker sings so eloquently, we are too good at destruction.

  6. Money money money...the root of all curse.... wonderfully written...!!

  7. very true. That would be a good comeuppance. May God hear the little bird.

  8. The concluding lines are the harsh, bitter fact!
    Wonderfully conceptualised..

  9. There are pictures online of places humans have cleared out for one reason or the other and how nature has quickly reclaimed its rightful place... let the magic is only right it does.

  10. Gosh that last line pierces through like an arrow through the heart. A most evocative write, Robin!❤️

  11. Splendid writing, Robin. Lovely bird photo as well.

  12. Love the 2 voices here. Perfect!