Sunday, 23 December 2018

Christmas organised

My grandfather grunted
As was his way
Family gathering
Was not what he wanted 
This Christmas Day

With boughs of green holly
Decorations too
The smell of sweet balsam
Kids brought the foliage
What a 'to do'!

Ma said give him a dram
That's what we did
Church bells were ringing
In city spires down town
Us they did bid

So we all went to church
Except Granddad
All rugged up in our coats
Kids vainly wished for snow
Grownups quite glad

Grandma glad Dad refused
Said he'd just moan
We looked at the bare trees 
At church got to squeeze in
Pew of our own

Going home Grandma said
A letter came
From a retirement home
Reserving them a place
(Won't be the same)

But thinking it over
Their worries cut
In future was our turn
To organise Christmas
No ifs or buts

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  1. Change is difficult no matter the season. Still, the winter holidays seem to intensify everything.

  2. We've had to switch up the way we do holidays as some family members got older. But what's important is that we all celebrate together.