Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Under the mistletoe

Yesterday the sun shone
But now she's fled, she's gone
Yet people's faces smile
Christmas is coming,she's been gone awhile

Despite the rain and cold
Shoppers are being bold
Buying before the rush
To miss the season's usual push and crush

I watch them, knowing well
Winter's better some tell
For their thoughts are not sad
As cruel winter's cold and snow drive them mad

They think food, gifts and fun
As round the tree kids run
Their faces all aglow
And lovers kiss under the mistletoe

Image found at http://hotkisstips.com/kissing-tips/why-kiss-under-the-mistletoe.htm


  1. The last stanza is the the saving grace for what seems to be the usual caution of the impending cold months. The contrast is beautiful!


  2. My Christmas is quite out of season.. it's all about beating the heat! I long for the gentle snows of the North.

  3. I have always wanted to experience snow!💞 Love the closing 😊