Sunday, 9 December 2018

Our scruffy cat

A scruffy cat adopted us
One cold December day
My wife agreed to keep him
If some rent he did pay

So I stroked his furry back
And whispered in his ear
He agreed to catch some mice
He'd be busy have no fear

So that day he got to work
Tiptoeing on his paws
Busy in the garden
First mouse caught...great applause!

He holds us to the bargain
Sleeps at foot of our bed
Or by the fire or fridge
Where he wants...enough said?

He mounts all the furniture
Runs as if in a race
No longer thin he sits
On our laps with some grace

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  1. It is a great honour to be adopted by a cat! :)

  2. Oh I love that cat. A beautiful poem. You used the given words seamlessly.

  3. Love this!💞 We used to have five kittens back in the 90s but had to give them up when we moved. Sigh.

  4. I love it when animals choose us. Loved this poem, my friend.

  5. Sounds like the poet and the cat both got a good deal!

  6. This made me smile--sounds like the cat has the perfect home!

  7. What a wonderful portrait! A cat definitely knows how to win a person's heart and become master of the heart and home.

  8. Well I guess that bargain worked out. Nice pic and cat tribute.

  9. As the apartment keeper of three gorgeous felines, I love the deal that you and your wife made. There's nothing more relaxing then, you and your feline friends taking a nap together. My avatar photo is Squeak looking at me, while I took his photo. He loves having his furry self photographed.

  10. Dogs were the pet of choice growing up in my adult years i had no hankering for pets. Children yes!!! Plants yes!!!

    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday Robin


  11. Love your depiction and the rent that must be paid. Hopefully, he leaves the mice on the doorstep, and doesn’t feel the need to bring them into the bedroom to show you how well he has done!