Wednesday, 5 December 2018

What a surprise

Oh what a surprise
When I looked in your eyes
You stared right back at me
Smiling so winsomely

Well I must confess
A adored your sweet dress
Was cut low at the back
Glances you did not lack

How proud I did feel
As though I'd spun the wheel
And won the jackpot as
I asked "Dance with me lass?"

Placed your hand in mine
My dear that was divine
As our eyes then did lock
And our minds ran amok

Was love at first sight
And just try as I might
There was no denying
It was love, not a fling

You nod when you heard
Me now saying each word
"Please will you marry me"
 You did of course agree

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  1. Staring right back was a pleasant surprise indeed. Love the expected happy ending :)

  2. This is so sweet, Robin. :)

  3. Happy endings are always nice!

  4. I agree, very sweet ending.

  5. Well, now, the surprise is all in the beginning of the relationship--not in the end. Good, good. I love your romantic story poems.

  6. Some surprises can be so comforting. Lucky guy
    Happy Wednesday

    much love...

  7. As delightful a suprise as anyone could receive! Wonderfully done!

  8. Love is full of surprises! That keeps the charm alive...and a Happy Ending is a super surprise in itself :)
    Lovely poem.

  9. Romantic surprises are lovely. Good one, Robin!