Sunday, 16 December 2018

She's gone ahead

I love the beauty of the night
While all of you are sitting tight
I wander down dark muddy tracks
To get buffeted by the wind
Hear the howl and thrum of a train
As all around is kissed by rain

Shops are closed and signs spin around
Hundreds of birds rise at my call
Laugh as raindrops fall on my neck
Sudden noise makes me smirk and grin
As I hear the howl of midnight wind
Lucky me I'm free and have no kin

Usually I say not one word
Perhaps a grunt at station gate
Or nod as I pass others by
What need of talk, they're nought to me
Once asked "Who to tell that you're dead?"
"None" I said "for she's gone ahead"

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  1. Ah, you make me feel his aloneness. At least he knows she is waiting for him.

  2. "She's gone ahead" resonates like a bell.

  3. Excellent poem, Robin. The last speaks well of a lonely soul.