Thursday, 27 December 2018


Yes, how I remember you
Springtime, oh so long ago
We lay amongst the flowers
In the fields of verdant green
Watching the clouds up above
For a hint of some showers

Bees were buzzing all around
We kissed as friends always do
Not once thinking we would part
Future never on our minds
Never realizing that
Our lives were about to start

Enid your name, eyes of green
Where are you now my sweet love?
Are you old and tired like me
Dreaming of clouds and flowers
Of this boy you loved so much
A love that would never be?

Image of  'Springtime' by S Anderson found at


  1. This makes me think of lying in the grass with a girlfriend, not realizing our obsessions with boys would later come between us.

  2. Sweet love poem. It is sad how life comes between lovers.

  3. This is wonderfully sweet, Robin!💞

  4. Robin, too bad we cannot relive or return to those pleasant times in our lives. I would a few. Our memories have to sustain us.
    This was an enjoyable read.

  5. Oh if we could change the past sometimes... but maybe it's better as a sweet memory

  6. Ever the romantic, Robin. I love this, and your choice of painting.

  7. I adore this metaphor of spring and a young woman... and the wondering.