Sunday, 25 November 2018

My Granddaughter

I stroked her hair as she closed her eyes
Then put her big story book away
How easy to love my granddaughter
When with fairy tales or dolls I play

I feast my eyes on her as she sleeps 
Then return to daughters dining room
More juice? Son in law now says to me
Waving bottle in hand; I say nay

She's little now but the day will come
When no doubt more wrinkled I shall be
When with luck she'll want to play with us 
Plates cleared for games like Cheat or Rummy

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  1. There is nothing more adorable than small sounds like a lovely family gathering, Robin.

  2. Oh, how delightful. You had me entering right into this tender scene with you.

  3. This is a bit of serendipity - we both posted pieces that speak to how easy it is to love our little grandchildren.

    A lovely family sketch - tenderly penned, Robin.

  4. This is so wonderfully heartening, Robin 💞 sigh .. I can't wait to have grandchildren of my own some day 😊

  5. I love this. Grandchildren are so precious at any age.

  6. oh, what a delightful read. family is best, always. :)