Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Summer morning

Didn't need an alarm this bright morning
As birds chatter and quarrel in the trees
Peek out the curtain, no sign of a breeze

Rained last week but the bright sun's now shining 
Clouds high in sky, and moon grins like a cheese
Slowly fades from sight now brought to its knees

A grunt beside me, at last wife's waking
I go to the kitchen, jug and cups await
Dog at the door, his tail wags at a rate

He dashes round garden, jug's now singing
Now back in the bedroom your eyes I see
You say "the tea can wait" beckoning me

We both wake up with the dog barking
I stagger to garden door to let him in
Quiet day at home is what I'm thinking

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  1. Perfect. I love how the moon tries to hang on--and then, we don't truly need the moon to stay in bed, do we? Lovely!

  2. How wonderful. I was there, as I read, a little glimpse of heaven.

  3. This sounds like a most delightful day. What a nice write.

  4. Love the peacefulness in it. Sweet too. Just as morning should be.

  5. Delightful morning! Your memories are beautiful, Robin.

  6. Ah cheesy moon! Luv it
    Happy you dropped by my blog Robin


  7. Such a wonderful scene you paint in this poem, Robin ❤️ A quiet day at home sounds good to me 😊

  8. Such a lovely morning — the intimacy and warmth of it made me smile. Also, I really liked the image of the moon brought to its knees. :-)

  9. Such a succulent (maybe titillating?) domestic scene!