Friday, 30 November 2018

Love in Autumn

Late autumn

I hate the way autumn comes so soon
I hate the way moon leers at me
Trees understand they drop their leaves
And swallows flee from underneath the eaves

T'was this time I said goodbye to you
You closed your eyes and breathed no more
Oh my darling you were my all
And rain like sad tears did fall

And so my life is where sadness rules
What a hole is left in my heart
Do you watch me from above?
Do you see it's still you I love?

You are still here all around me now
Children grow apace you'd be so proud
I grow so old without you
Please dear, do read this billet doux

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  1. Oh, my goodness. This is so sweet and wistful and wrenching. The gentle rhymes are so pleasing and really add to the feeling. Love this.

  2. I grow so old without you

    Oh, how I relate!

  3. What a powerful poem filled with sadness and love.

  4. Sad loving poem. I grow so old without you. Precious words. Thank you for posting to my primot8

  5. phone disobeys me at times

  6. From the first line, a lovely love poem. I like the line....I grow so old without you.

  7. I really feel this poem, Robin. It is hard to be without someone so beloved. I am glad she still hovers near.

  8. “I grow so old without you.” What a beautiful love letter.

  9. This is wonderfully wistful... and as other say "I grow so old without you"... so apt.