Sunday, 4 November 2018

My sister

How I miss the swings and slides
Of our happy childhood days
Now my life is all despair
Oh for those times without care

How did we exist before?
Homework, tests and such strict rules
Cough syrup with runny nose
Hand me downs of sister's clothes

First to bathroom, lucky me
Now she's banging on the door
"Wait I've got to do my hair"
She pinched my arm with a glare

How the years have passed since then
When she died my heart did break
Cool day for her funeral
Heavens open; rain does fall

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  1. Memories definitely are bitter sweet. We remember the good old days with feelings of nostalgia, but we are saddened as we remember for what once was and is no more.

  2. The age-old banging on the bathroom door. I smiled at "I have to do my hair!" Loved this, Robin. It must be hard to lose a sister. Thankfully mine is much younger.

  3. Why is it that when we look back times always seem better then than now?

  4. So sad when those memories come back when it's too late to have them together.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss, Robin. This is a beautiful poem.

  6. A sad narrative, however a poem with a consistent meter and well crafted.

  7. oh those 'young and easy days under the apple bough' - now an air of melancholy hangs over these lovely nostalgic memories
    "Cough syrup with runny nose
    Hand me downs of sister's clothes"
    very nice rhyme too

    I really am sad for your loss and I too have just lost someone close

  8. A sad day for a funeral. Even if it is sunny, it is still a sad day for a funeral. The memories almost always cause pain, especially the happy ones.

  9. Cool day for her funeral
    Heavens open; rain does fall

    The last funeral I attended it rained. I remember as a child someone telling me it means heaven is weeping.

  10. Yes, that could be my sister too, gone too soon.

  11. I didn't have a sister, but was the older sister to my brother (and both still here so far). How well you've revived the memories!

  12. This brought a lump to my throat, Robin … sister-brother memories beautifully captured.

  13. The love of a sister is so special

  14. This is a bittersweet write Robin.
    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday this week


  15. It always seems to rain on the day of the funeral, even if it doesn't it seems like it does.