Wednesday, 14 November 2018

I stay about an hour or so

My word you are beautiful
Like sun setting in the west
Skittish, laughing, hard to read
Head full of untold secrets
An old one that knew so much
One who has travelled so far
But are those tears in your eyes?
Closing them as I hug you
Remembering infant me
Time, tick, tick, ticking away

Your worn hands reach up to me
Compare me to my father
"I'll get you a cup of tea"
She says to me now smiling
Forgetting she is in care
But the trolley's coming round
We both get one and a biscuit
Hers shaking in her old hands
"How is...?" My wife's name is blank
So I talk about June then

I stay about an hour or so
Chatting; she patting my hands
Slowly she closes her eyes
I leave when she falls asleep
But she may not remember
That I came, but that's okay
Better than pleading with me
To take her back to my place
So hard to handle last time
Carers had to calm her down

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  1. This is very poignant, Robin and reminds me of so many hours spent with my grandmother, as she faded slowly away. A beautiful and tender poem. I especially loved when the tea trolley came around. Smiles.

  2. You have captured it so truly, dear Robin. This is my Dad, and the sweet vacant visits are the what is left to us. But they help me remember that there were better days.

  3. It is sobering to remember that this is our fate if we live long enough.Best enjoy ever day and appreciate what we have.Good poem.

  4. This is my mother. At present I'm with her though I'll leave next week and I can't bear to imagine her face when I leave. Such a beautiful and heartfelt poem!

  5. This is so difficult and gut wrenching. Wonderfully written Robin.

  6. A loving and beautiful poem Robin


  7. Yes, that is one aspect of getting old...older...oldest. If we don't die before, we will be there soon.

  8. Oh Robin, your poem brought me to tears, it reminded me so much of my own mother, who also used to plead with me to take her home with me. Heartbreaking.

  9. This reminds me of my Grandfather in the rest home. Thank you for sharing