Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Since you went away

It's almost eight years
Since you went away
I still feel you're here
But no words do you say

It's lonely in bed
There's room for you still
But your side's untouched
For your place is not filled

Family's all close
Grandchildren grow up
Laela does ballet
Oh how they develop!

Christmas is coming
It's the same each year
You're ever in our minds
We still love you my dear

Image found at https://pixabay.com/en/decorating-christmas-tree-santa-woman-2999718/


  1. The acceptance and forgiveness in this poem amaze me... I hope she knows what she is missing.

  2. You poor baby. This breaks my heart. :(

    Hugs, sweetie.

    (And I want those socks!)

  3. Ah, they are still with us but don't say a word. I can never get used to the disappearance.

  4. I think she would want you to enjoy Christmas with your family.You are lucky to have a family. I work with people who have no one.It is always hard this time of year with the absence of loved ones.Love your pic.Smiles for Christmas.

  5. Christmas is a time to remember those we have loved and miss.

  6. Beautiful tribute to her, Robin. A very dear lamentation. Especially at holiday time, we miss more than ever those no longer here. Actually, my divorce worked that way really hard until Mrs. Jim rescued me three plus years later.

  7. a lovely, but sad poem, celebrating the continuing cycles of life and death, growth and loss. Of course, holidays and celebrations always seem harder, but of to carry someone special in heart, is perhaps even if they are gone, is still a gift.

  8. The love and longing in this piece is so powerful.