Sunday, 4 November 2018

Wishing for a Phoenix

She is off on a journey now
Flying high in the evening light
Or singing at a perfect pitch
Oh how she made my life so rich

How I yearn for her now she's gone
Perhaps wading on a coral shore
How relentless is life's machine
Where have you gone my dear Maureen?

Met you when were such a cute miss
Walking to work so close to me
How telling was our first talk
Our eyes eager like pair of hawks

We stuck together as we should
Travelled the world and raised three kids
Grandchildren now number six
I just wish you were a Phoenix

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  1. She missed the best part - where you get to hand the kids back to their parents for the diaper changes.

  2. Am liking this, Robin. We differ here,
    "How I yearn for her now she's gone" as mine would read,
    "I yearn for her no more
    Thank God and Greyhound she's gone."
    (But now she's close again, less than 50 miles away.)

  3. This is incredibly poignant, Robin!

  4. What an amazing love Robin! I always love your poems about the love of your life. Truly beautiful!!

  5. Love knows no borders... so bittersweet, with the grandchildren never to see her...

  6. Oh how she made my life so rich
    How I yearn for her now she's gone

    It is always a longing invoked when a loved one is not there. The absence is strongly felt when there were grand children in the union!