Thursday, 22 November 2018

Thanks kids

Thank you kids for being close over the years
So happy all lived in the same state as us
So together times of laughter, times of tears
Weddings, birthdays and holidays with no fuss

One year we flew to Tasmania for Christmas
What laughter we had in our summer time
No snow, just sunshine, bush walks and wines of class
The pile of presents sky high it was sublime  

Then there was our autumn Murray River cruise
We each took turns steering vessel on its way
Keep the boat starboard or may get some abuse
Then find a spot to tie up for the night's stay  

So we do as all families ought to do
Being loved, being close, laughing away
A family that's happy does stick like glue
The best there is, thanks kids you are all OK

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  1. You are very lucky and a lovely thanks for that luck. Take care, k.

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  3. How wonderful to have family close by, and happy, and sharing occasions together. You live a wonderful life, my friend.

  4. Aren't kids the greatest!! Time heals our pain, even though we still may suffer. BTW, we were in Tasmania early in January, 2013. It's a beautiful place with friendly folk.

  5. What a wonderful way to be with a family like that... have no kids, but I have great friends

  6. My children, my grandchildren ... life would feel bleak and empty without them. I am truly blessed as are you.

  7. Thanks for your comment on my poem.

  8. This is wonderful. Your last line says it all :)

  9. It's wonderful you have such a close family. I wish my parents lived closer.