Saturday, 17 November 2018

You are watching me

Where will I find you now you have gone?
Where can I travel to hear your song?
Where did you go for it's been so long?
Darling you were the one I relied on

I walk the beach that's close to home
I see you skipping waves in my mind
I call; it's you, surely I'm not blind?
But you have disappeared in the foam

Are the seagulls crying overhead?
Does that crab wave messages to me?
Is that you down there I can't quite see?
Do you speak to me when I'm in bed?

Then I realised you had not left
As you are watching me from above
For you're giving me unending love
There' no need for me to feel bereft

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  1. Ah, to find and discover their presence is beautiful. Such a tender, heartwarming poem, treading from loss to the love that is always going to be there. Lovely! :-)

  2. So poignant, Robin, that search for the beloved. I am certain of the truth in your closing lines. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

  3. A place where you can feel the presence of someone lost has to be a very good place... beautiful

  4. Oh, I love this. Yes, she's watching you and sending you warmth and good energy. <3

  5. Beautiful. Our loved ones are ever near. This will make a great song!

  6. Beautiful, loved ones never leave us.

  7. A beautiful lamentation, Robin. I haven't decided if these 'missing her' poems are of your life or an ongoing story. I savor reading them, I lived that life for quite a long spell. And I wasn't ready to fully trust a new love although somewhere in the 45 years we've been married now I'd trust her in all ways. It did take time. I sat beside my ex through a granddaughter's wedding. I didn't even recognize her when she came and sat down. She was much bigger, taller, and more refined, she might have stolen the ex's identity. There for sure weren't any sparks between us.