Thursday, 28 June 2018

We need your help

"We need your help" the small voice said
"Please human we know that you are kind"
I looked around and what did I find?

In front of me and everywhere
Were mice, moths, spiders and yet more
These critters who clearly lived with me

"We need your help" they said again
Then I saw birds and butterflies
There at the window pane looking in

Clearly there was a problem true
As at the door there was a bee
That sat right down on my hand and said

"I'm the spokesman for all the rest
And I am here at their behest
The world is dying don't you know?

"Humans have hurt the Earth, it is bad
Seas filthy with you dumping trash
Forests felled, wildlife killed, end is near"

"Oh man, can't you see? Pity me
Chemicals have killed bees galore
Plants only seed if we fertilize"

"What can I do, I'm a writer?"
It was just then he looked brighter
"Good then you can tell the whole wide world"

So it was, we then worked and planned
For mountains, forests, seas and sand
Room for one and all...except for man! 

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  1. "What can I do, I'm a writer?"
    It was just then he looked brighter
    "Good then you can tell the whole wide world"

    Thank you for giving voice to the creatures, Robin. i have often wondered the difference it would make if we could hear their side of the story.

  2. As Neko Case sang, "Never turn your back on Mother Earth." I don't think she'd miss us very much at all, they way we've treated her.

  3. Gosh this is incredibly poignant. I wonder how many more years until we learn to treat mother earth right..

  4. We've become so good at the art of killing ourselves by neglecting the one that shelters and feeds us. I am so glad the story is being spread. I want this ending to be true.

  5. A writer can indeed do so much, as in this case, create a reality free of humankind where all can subsist peacefully. This is a powerful piece, in ways it questions our existence and its ramification and destruction. Well-penned.

  6. You make a true point. Nature will get along much better without us. My husband used to laugh at me for sweeping bugs and spiders outside rather than killing them. He doesn't laugh any more. Good write Robin!

  7. I believe there's room for man, even as predator, if he can just resign himself to preying on enemies as other animals do--by ones. Stop poisoning the land. Cut/pull/dig weeds. Swat mosquitoes and encourage birds.

    I like this poem.

  8. Oh I really like this, Robin....the small creatures asking for help, the writer relaying their message, and your closing lines.

  9. Much wisdom in your words Robin, for surely the world is indeed dying, and if only other beautiful life forms could sit us down and say “Hey Listen!” maybe we would.

    But I fear those whose only interest is profit today would not, despite being fully aware of the harm that they do – for they live for today and tomorrow is someone else’s problem.

    “Room for one and all...except for man! “ is truly prophetic – but I fear our presence will be the death of most life forms, other than insects…

    Anna :o]

  10. The delightful rhyming and cadence of this poem almost trick you - as it is a very serious subject. Well done.

  11. We hear most of the poor bees and the elephants. Here in the states wolves are fair game. Worldwide the ice is melting, the weather is changing. We may need a zillion poets if there are that many. Nice write. O.E,

  12. Oh may there be anything we can do... we do so much bad to the earth...