Sunday, 10 June 2018

I still think of her

A long time ago
I was asked "Who's your best friend?"
So I said "This book"

"How lucky you are"
She said, as she picked it up 
reading the title

I liked the way her 
Long hair fell over her face
Finding her pretty

"Nearly finished it?"
I said "I'm a fast reader"
"Want to borrow it?"

She nodded shyly
"Wait until the weekend"
"I am near the end"

Yes, she did read it
And some other books of mine
Then we'd discuss them

I did kiss her once
But we never dated much
Really don't know why

I still think of her
Her eyes said more than her lips
What a fool I was!

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  1. I like her eyes saying more than hr lips. I look back at opportunities missed in my life too. I did not have a clue. LOL. Too soon old, too late wise.

  2. Some angels come into our lives just for a short while

    Nice to look back with a smile Robin
    much love...

  3. Monday WRites 158 is live. Please be my guest today.

    much love...

  4. It happens, sometimes the very "one," just walks by, and we allow them to keep walking...missed our chance.

  5. Thank you for linking to Monday WRites today Robin

    much love...