Sunday, 10 June 2018

Our last chance

                                       Temperature change 1951-2015

Mother Earth listens to us
But we don't hear her at all
I've seen changes over years
For she has shed many tears

Mankind has prospered that's true
Nothing's sacred any more
We've felled the trees, trashed the seas
Brought the planet to its knees

Human acts are waste of time
Rivers dry, climates change
Drill for oil or dig for that
So we trash the habitat

Money dulls the brain of man
Doesn't matter we can't breathe
Bank balance he wants to hear
Who cares for whale or bear

Spirit of the world please come
Save this place we call home
I'm writing now, please help us
We're not all contemptuous

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  1. Well said, Old Egg; and I'm in agreement with you.

  2. I so completely agree, Robin. Perfectly said.

  3. human acts are a waste of time... greedy, selfish and utterly contemptible..true Robin..hope we have time to correct...

  4. "Brought the planet to its knees"...Yeah that's exactly what we did. What a shame!

  5. "Money dulls the brain of man".. sigh this is so true!

  6. 'Contemptuous' – what a very scathing word. Unfortunately all too apt.

  7. I feel this poem. What has happened to this earth that is our home? Money has indeed dulled the mind of these men in power. Survival of the planet and ourselves is threatened. I fear for the future our children / grandchildren will inherit.

  8. I feel that many of us just wish to be part of something simpler... maybe it's not hard at all to change things, we just have to do it.

  9. Money is not a merciful god . Greed has been the destructive driving force in all of this.

  10. Couldn't agree more. Appropriately described !

  11. I agree, Robin. I hope it will not be too late before the humankind know what they’re doinh to Mother Earth.

  12. Are we don't stop, we will be buried in prosperity, our mouths stuffed with money, our heads on pillow of dry dust, while our children scream their whys...

  13. In totally agreement. Well wordled, Old Egg.

  14. "Money dulls the brain of man"
    But not all men! or women! This poem is a gem.

  15. Indeed not...We're not all contemptuous. So well penned.

  16. Can't agree more, we don't (collectively, at least) seem to listen or perceive as acutely as we render nature into bits and pieces.

  17. Yes the voice of some will rise up in pleas, as the tears of Planet earth replenishes hearts, hoping like you

    much love...

  18. A haunting - important - piece. The close is brilliant and true.