Thursday, 14 June 2018

Halcyon days

What was that feeling when we did meet?
As you waved at me across the street
It was that look so many years ago
When we first did meet in Old Soho
Your green eyes laughed with such impish fun
We sat on the balcony in the sun
You let my fingers touch your soft skin
While music played in the nearby Inn

What is my feeling now you have gone?
Just what happened and just what went wrong?
I thought we were made for each other
Then I found you were with another
So I wept, didn't know what I'd done
I missed our halcyon days in the sun
I have that memory of your soft skin
As music played at the nearby Inn

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  1. This is such a sweet plaintive poem and a very good response to the prompt. Thanks much. k.

  2. "People die, and others leave." Often thoes who live in the past, are missing this very moment.

  3. Sigh.. this is beautifully evocative, Robin!❤️

  4. There's so much romance and also a tinge of sadness in this poem, Robin.

  5. So many love-stories end that way... yet there are those that go on,

  6. Too many love stories end but so many of them continue on and on, full of happiness

  7. Yes, O.E, this my song, down to the end. Of course I won't ever forget her (I did bump into her little brother years later in Oklahoma--we didn't talk about E.).

  8. What is it that happens, that turns those laughing eyes deceitful and distant? Well said, Robin.

  9. Her loss is all I have to say!

  10. I enjoyed how this reads like an classic old song..

  11. Perfect topic for the prompt, Robin. So sweet, and sad.

  12. Certain songs bring me back to long ago times, people... Hopefully "she" was replaced with someone who stuck around :)