Sunday, 17 June 2018

Rocking with grief

The wonder years have gone
Your smile is rarely seen
Tucked up in bed asleep

Greatness of days now gone
No more splashing surf
Nor travelling roads long

Words from your lips are gone
Your eyes see not the day
But yet you still breathe on

Your friends have come and gone
You hear not whistling wind
Or cars in street below

I'll hold hands 'til you've gone
You still defy death's call
As I rock with grief's pain

"She won't know that you've gone"
The nurse says "Take a break"
"Go home and get some food"

Phone rings to say "She's gone"
"Careful don't hurry back"
The night that my wife died

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  1. Most effectively sad.
    You are in a sobby mood at present, aren't you?

    1. I do try to mix my writing up so I am sorry if it looks like a trend. Often prompts do lead me into darker corners.

  2. These are moments that we don't forget...the unthinkable happens...we are left empty. I am sorry your wife died, I hope each day, you fill yourself, with what life has to offer. She would want you to live to the fullest, for her. Live in gratitude, and with the knowing, we are all "coming and going," in each moment of time. When my Son was sick in the hospital, I was told, the young, and the independent, will leave when they are alone, that is the way they want it. Do not grieve that you were not there to say Goodby.

  3. Wow! Careful don't hurry back really got me.