Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The years run out

Running, working, wooing. 
Just why did you not stay? 
Hold my hand, kiss my lips
Just come for one more day

     Hush now, please don't be cross
     We have done all we could
     Had our kids, one two three
     I must go as I should

Running, laughing, wedding, 
Please do come back to play
Why just you, why not me?
I'll do anything you say
     I am tired, I must go
     I'd not cope on my own
     I will wait 'til you come
     Pity there is no phone

Running, feeding, growing
Kids and grandkids miss you
You should see them all now
The girls all look like you

     I was so sad to go
     We've done our job quite well
     Life circles round and round
     When called we cannot tell
Running, mourning, crying, 
All those years of our lives
Gone as I'm left behind
Now my sanity dives

     Smile, I will see you soon
     You'll not have long to wait
     Soon I'll be watching you
     Come through that pearly gate

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  1. Such sadness, such longing in this give-and-take!

  2. This is too sad. I know it's a killer but you have just got to keep hanging in there.She would want you to smile and love the things around you.

  3. Wow! You make the swiftness of mortal life quite present! I think it's genious here to address the one the narrator ran with once and will again.

  4. Such sad yearning...I can so relate.

  5. I like the back and forth conversation, and agree with Rall that she would want you to enjoy your time till you meet again. A beautiful poem, Robin. I so relate.

  6. Beautiful poetic dialogue. Sad, but sweet in its love.

  7. The runners in this race are both winners i think; because of that bond of love


  8. Beautifully written! I know that longing. But you know – although it is not the same as the joy of hearing the beloved physical voice – there IS a phone.

  9. Oh, how we run through life. Lovely poem

  10. You'll not have long to wait
    Soon I'll be watching you
    Come through that pearly gate

    The call to be together again (in death do we meet?) is always at the back of the mind for separated loving couples!


  11. Beautifully written in two parts. I can feel the longing it is real.

  12. Love the conversational form...

  13. Interesting conversation!! And the girls look like you.

  14. We run through life and it runs through us. The dialogue was a perfect way to present this.