Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Jim and my daughter

Though it was only seven o'clock
Already sun's summer kisses
Were brutal like an aged tart
As Jim and I got ready for work

Then the two dogs looked up from the shade
Doubtful that we'd be working today
But dutifully joined us anyway
They'd never been known to shirk a shift

Sheep were all crowded round the troughs
Cattle sheltered under the ghost gums
Dogs they sat on the trailer's hay cart
Along with Jim who opened the gates

The stock all looked at us with sad eyes
As they rushed for feed of fresh hay
The cattle stoic in the morning sun
Lowed a greeting that was not unkind

So we fed them hay on which to browse
Cleaned out all the water troughs quite soon
Sweat was now pouring down our faces
Both dogs tongues hung from their panting jaws

Got back to the farmhouse before noon
Sat with the girls for our midday meal
Saw Jim eye my daughter's pretty face
And her lower her shy eyes just in case

Image found at http://knuckeys.com.au/equipment/square-bale-feeders/


  1. I love the ending... how after all that work, the speaker still takes the time to see something lovely blooming. I can almost see him smiling when his daughter lowers her eyes "just in case".

  2. I agree, such a lovely ending to the poem, Robin 💞

  3. I would say that I loved the ending as well. But it's the routine of the day which made me smile through and through, with the look of the dogs doubting if you would work.

  4. My mom used to say "this day's not fit for man nor beast" when it got that hot. So hard on workers and animals. I can see the sad eyes on the cows.........lovely to go indoors out of the heat and enjoy a little flirting. Sweet.

  5. Love it... I hope there is not a next stanza where the father gets too protective of his daughter... let love bloom

  6. I love the dogs in this! their doubting if you would work on this hot dry day.

  7. You have described this so wonderfully Robin I feel as if I was on the farm with you.

  8. Would love to be on that farm... what a lovely picture of every day life!

  9. What a day to spend at he fame, a lazy day away from hustle bustle of city life.

  10. The dogs are faithful followers. Until my Adi died and shortly after the adopted orphan, Katrin, I'd always had a dog, mostly just one at a time, serial fashion. A person gets to read them, you certainly seem to have read them fine. And they read you but can't tell of it except for the moment.