Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Least impact

When I think about myself
I still wish for more
Even though my life has been filled
With memories galore

Off to school every day
Carrying gas mask
Aware that we were at war
Quite an easy task

Food was rationed didn't care
As we played ouside
Did eat some leaves and berries
Grass and much more beside

Skies above were filled with planes
Both fighters and foes
Doodlebugs above us droned
Night sky often glows

So much has changed since those days
My kids raised in peace
But values have altered much
Greed rules without cease

Life can be good at anytime
Care not, cheat and rob
And think not of others plights
Refugees they sob

We're void of humanity
Don't share what we've got
But at least I've seen the best
Now...who cares a jot?

When I think about myself
I'm so glad in fact
Being the chap I came to be
One with least impact

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  1. Bravo! i enjoyed the well chosen details here, and how they line up in metered verse. I'm glad you are you, too.

  2. Oh so lyrical... that train of thought chugging smoothly from one wartime to the next...past to present..

  3. Thanks for the progression the war days physically and emotionally to peace time tangible and emotionally matured

    Luv this write

    Happy Wednesday Robin

    much love...

  4. "Least impact" is good. I enjoyed your poem, and your memories of your boyhood days.

  5. Being who we truly are is always a pleasure, is it not?

  6. This is quite a journey with wonderful enriching details...

  7. That is the kind of understanding derived from experience - I like how you paint the picture and contrast it with the environment we see today. And to think gladly about the person you are today is a blessing indeed.

  8. I think you turned out to be a wonderful chap Robin. Your journey in words shows it well. Your poem is full of the wisdom of experience, and that is beautiful!

  9. ...and most likely with more impact than you know, Robin. We all leave out footprints in the sands of time. I love your rhyming self-analysis!

  10. This reads like wisdom unspooling--almost careless but deftly pointed

  11. I love this, Robin. I am glad we lived in the times we did. I feel for the kids living in today's world. You sound like you were a very hardy kid, surviving war.......thank heavens, you had a really wonderful wife, kids and life, after. You deserved every blessing.

  12. I enjoyed reading this. Quite a scary time you went through when I look at these masks. I totally agree with you on the changed values and I bet the impact you had was a bloody good one

  13. Enjoying being the chap that you are...that is the goal to be happy with the journey from beginning to end.

  14. loved this....true words....valuable!!

  15. I loved, 'least impact.' I am glad I grew up when I did, and for all experiences that went along with it.

  16. Low impact people seem to slide through life with ease. Lucky you.

  17. I so enjoyed this poem, Robin, especially the stanzas about going to school with your gas mask and eating leaves and berries while playing outside. You might like to read my World War 2 novel for children, Joe and Nelly, which is a free read on Inkitt. It's not very long but I think it might bring back a few memories. :)