Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A lover of mine

I shouldn't tell you this
But I just can't resist
It's about a lover of mine
She was a beauty so divine

Met her many years past
Knew our love wouldn't last
Still lusted for her and she saw
Smiled at me and I knew I'd score

Our eyes met, words were few
Was no doubt what we'd do
So talked of music and of art
Touched her face so affair did start

She lived way out of town
Didn't wear a nightgown
Stood there naked by the fireplace
And flicked raven hair from her face

Took her hand, kissed her nose
So pleased she wore no clothes
Laying there did what lovers must
Laughed and wept with our wicked lust

Affair lasted about two years
Finished of course in tears
Mine of course as I had tarried
Hers when she learned I was married

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Now please don't admonish me for this blog is mostly fiction not a biography


  1. Oh dear such a wicked rhyme, glad you told us!

    much love

  2. Oh that twist in the end! Wicked lust indeed! And yet, what has to happen, happens!

  3. You do have a wicked imagination.

  4. Married! I did not expect that end! This must be the trajectory of many a story when lust creates hard choices.

  5. Had to end in tears.
    'Married' still unfaithful for 2 years...

    Overpowering Lust- Anita

  6. The tone says so much about the speaker, and about what's to come. The details are so vivid and intimate... which makes the ending even more powerful.

  7. Enjoyed this 'wicked lust' to my fill :D

  8. Well, I am glad for the note that this is fiction, as I knew it must be. Smiles. I always enjoy your romantic poems, my friend.

  9. Imagination running wild.......

  10. Hmmm. You did say that this blog was MOSTLY fiction, didn’t you.....

  11. A vivid wicked poem which had to result in tears

  12. The last stanza is the classic tell-all revealing the conflicting intentions of man to women. Women ever so sincere but to man's conniving ways!


  13. A wonderful poem for the prompt! Perfect rhyme and the ending finished it off so true.

  14. Well, the prompt WAS lust..... and you described it in its setting perfectly.