Sunday, 3 June 2018

Another boring day

The chairs are empty by my bed
My visitors I see have gone
All is now quiet in my room
Outside sun still weakly shone

I can recall falling at home
That was I think a month ago
I'm still in a hospital room
Hearing traffic in street below

Miss my house in the countryside
This city is a noisy place
Where ugly money reigns supreme
Traffic, crowds, noise with no good grace

Then at night the dark side reigns
Spruikers, call girls to name just two
Drunks evicted protesting still
Bats of the night around they flew

The evening here is a quiet one
Pills dispensed are now locked up tight
But now choppers blades thrum away
Emergency patient lands tonight

The chairs still empty by my bed
Temp and blood pressure now begun
Curtains are closed on waning moon
As another boring day is done

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Author's note: In case you were thinking of asking; No, I am not back in hospital I just wrote what my brain told me to.


  1. I feel the dislocation and am happy there is a window but not that what is looked on as night reigns.

  2. I'm glad you said something, because I was going to ask if you were okay. Your brain came up with something awfully realistic.