Saturday 3 June 2017

What's happening?

What's happening to our world?
As we now cringe in mortal fear
Are terrified of rulers vain
That will destroy all we hold dear

Happiness is so hard to find
Despite our Earth's once rich domain
Too many greedy and cruel in charge
Some of our leaders seem insane

With forests felled and icecaps gone
Wild animals search for a home
Our waste strewn across all the Earth
Our rivers filled with toxic foam

What's happening in our world
Please let there be a hopeful light
To see a future for all kids
I fervently pray that I'm right

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  1. It is hard to fathom.. the picture of the polar bear is so sad

  2. Sometimes I think we're in the grip of a collective madness. The pendulum will swing once again. I just hope it's before too much damage has been done.