Thursday, 15 June 2017

The last straw

I wonder whether the creator being in forming the Earth zillions of years ago thought much about that last link in his or her jigsaw puzzle of this planet Earth that was humankind?

I am sure natural selection was planned so humans would forsake their apelike cousins and think things out a bit more than other species.
This was probably a test to see how far they could go to improve their comfort by keeping warm in winter’s snow and ice and shielding themselves from the sun as the sun beat down in summertime.
I bet he was so proud as tools were made and holes dug and all the things on earth were used to make human’s families safe and well and speaking of that how pleased he must have been when the first well was dug to find water when the rivers and streams ran dry.
Then over the last few hundred years he must have sat back in pride to see how well sickness and diseases were controlled and cured but a little concerned that his humans kept of finding ways to make explosions to fight their neighbours who looked or spoke differently from each other.

The last straw was when mankind decided to change the climate by burning the forests, polluting the seas and creating waste and killing off all the beautiful creatures and plants that he had formed millions of years ago to keep everything stable so he or she sadly shook his head and said “this is the last straw it is time to break that link, we will send them all to Mars.”

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  1. It reads like an ominous prophecy for mankind on earth .
    Very well written .

  2. This was excellent, Old Egg! I loved how you wove the tale so beautifully, though I expected him to push the final explosion button at the end! If we find a way to live on Mars we will surely trash that planet as well, sadly. Mankind doesn't seem too adept at learning lessons from their history.

  3. Interesting you think we can foul Mars?

  4. well said and (all the more) sad. nice job of establishing how huge, forgiving, precious, yet still vulnerable the earth is, making the denouement all the more depressing.
    I mean, it's like an entire planet, and there are forces in play that would destroy it all for everyone in exchange for short time profit.
    There was a carton circulating a couple of weeks of ago and the punchline was, "Suppose it turns out that climate change is false and we went and improved the earth for nothing?"


  5. The first job he gave mankind was to tend the garden, and we are certainly not doing a good job of that.

  6. Love what you've done here - beautifully told, as always. It is truly a shame that we don't seem to be able to look past our selfish ignorance and do what is best for something greater.
    In the book I'm writing, people live on Mars - or near it, at least. So who knows!?

  7. This is a wonderful SSS with a reminder of the great destructive forces at work by the descendants of those who were given instruction in the beginning.