Saturday, 3 June 2017

Penny Leigh

How I remember Penny Leigh
Cute, smart, flighty for ever free
Thought she would be the girl for me

Brown arms and legs face full of smiles
We'd go exploring for miles and miles
Through the wild woods and over stiles

In streams with nets and our jam jars
Catching creatures with hoops and yahs
So far away from trucks and cars

However I hadn't seen the sign
Her eyes no longer looked in mine
And for her I did weep and pine

So things changed as up we grew
No longer did we bill and coo
She scorned me, I was sad and blue

Empty my life seemed to be bleak
When those childish bonds they did break
For a year or so we'd not speak

But thank mercy we did meet again
She smiled at me to ease the pain
My joy at this I could not contain

We sat and talked her lips I kissed
She told me of her life I'd missed
We cuddled as we reminisced

All was well though the cost seemed great
As those few years I had to wait
So glad I got my precious mate

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  1. This one reminded me of the film My Girl.. I am glad it was a happier ending though

  2. Oh this is a gem! Simply delightFULL ... Thank you for this

  3. This is wonderful, OE. Happy endings are worth the wait.

  4. Awwww. This is sweet. Such a simple, pure love here.

  5. I liked the rhyme and rhythm, and of course the happy ending. Those are the best.