Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Take me back

Take me back, take me back do
To that sandy shore
When I am no more
Sprinkle my ashes in the deep

Let the waves kiss me goodbye
As forever I lay
Do not cry for me 
For there is no need to weep

Cry for the oceans and seas
From whence all life came
Fish, whales, dolphins too
Crabs, shrimps and others that creep

You've trashed land and rivers too
Forests are aflame
Icecaps they now shrink
This rich world you've made so cheap

Now you humans take the blame
Change your ways quickly
Before it's too late
Greed's been sown, it's time to reap

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  1. it's very sad but hopefully we can do somethign to save the earth

  2. Such sad truth! Well written.

  3. Love the rhymes, love the return of ashes, love crying for the right things--and then fixing them.

  4. Many cultures here take the ashes of the departed to the water in the end...I think it is symbolic of being returned to the earth.

  5. And I think it's already too late. The final line reads like the curfew tolling the knell...sigh...

  6. Greed's been sown, indeed. Hope it's not too late to change.

  7. Nature will find a way to triumph.. i suppose we all go back into the sea and Earth when the time is right

  8. It's time to reap what we sowed indeed.
    A powerful thought courses through this verse.

  9. "..time to reap". Yes!! It's a timely reminder, Robin.
    Mankind - the worst thing to happen to earth since the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs. The poem brought tear in my eye... sigh!
    Beautifully penned!

  10. Robin, I wish your poem was a magical wand, which could undo and heal the damage that humanity had done to this world, since the first step that our ancestors have taken. Sadly, more and more species will disappear, before any real changes are realized, especially, with Donald Trump, as president of the United States.

  11. Absolutely loved this....sharing this!

  12. Too sadly true. I hear your passion.

  13. I pray it is not too late! We continue to trash one of the most precious resources of all! When will we ever learn. This poem is both a cry and a sigh, Robin!