Saturday, 17 June 2017

Remember when

Do you remember when?
The sun seemed to shine bright all day
Even if rain came pourong down
We would still go outside to play

How we laughed how we screamed
Splashing each puddle in our boots
We would sail sticks and paper boats
In streams from the rainwater chutes

But sunny days were the best
We'd go exploring woodland streams
Seeing wild foxes and rabbits too
And I still go there in my deams

When I see kids of today
Bent over, thumbs jabbing away
Lost in their artifcial world
Blind to the beauty of the day

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  1. Nothing beats playing outdoors.. you brought back some fond memories Old Egg :-)

  2. I'm with you, Old Egg: the thumb-jabbers annoy me!

  3. Spot on. They get mocked sometimes as the 'good old days' but they were so much better than the introspective clods who walk into you while checking what other people are doing on their phones. Wherever you are, be there!