Saturday, 10 June 2017

She touched me

I didn't notice her at first 
Chatting with the crowd
But then she touched me on the arm

A sensuous ripple went through me 
Like pins and needles
Looked in her eyes and was spellbound

Still in a trance, she then whispered
"Let's get out of here"
As we stood in the dark shadows

She took my hand, pulled me away
Fingers soft and warm
We walked unnoticed from the room

"Let's away from this rancid place"
While I was thinking
A miracle none saw us leave

We walked down the esplanade
The tide was now full
Sea water lapping close to shore

"Come tell, me who you are" I asked
"I'm Penny's sister"
"She ditched you, it's my turn now"

"How is it I never met you?"
"Interstate of course"
Warning bells now rang within me

"So you know all about me then?"
"All that I need to"
Her head on my shoulder laughing

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  1. Another fine adventure Old Egg

  2. The pacing is fantastic in this piece, it moves itself along.

  3. I wonder what she knows! Great little poem.

  4. Ooooh. Intriguing! I like this.

  5. Another flash fiction poem, giving an intriguing romance!