Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My dog looked at me

My dog now looked at me doubtfully
Hesitant about his morning walk
As thunder grumbled veiled threats outside

He wagged his tail as I donned my coat
Not his usual wag but obedient
No doubt preferring somewhere to hide

We headed for the park where he'd bark
And sniff at all the other dogs there
Which other owners could not abide

But t'was deserted as the darkened skies
Started to pour down with rain and hail
Now there was nowhere at all to hide

My dog kept on looking up at me
His eyes treating me with such scorn
Sulking head down now not by my side

That we were so soaked there is no doubt
When the weather eased we headed home
My wife there with towel and grin quite wide

My dog's tongue it was now hanging out
A smirk upon his face washed with rain
Shook himself before he went inside

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  1. I especially enjoyed the last couple of stanzas.

  2. My dog - laika wouldn't move from under the bed until the showers have passed.

    A smirk upon his face washed with rain
    Shook himself before he went inside

    Reminded me so much of her.

  3. They do hate going out in that kind of weather. I love the look of scorn, and the triumphant return home!

  4. Clever dog that'll remain a best friend under such a trying situation!


  5. the dog enjoyed the shaking off of the rain most of all I bet. I love this poem you can picture it all.

  6. Could see it happening and unfolding right in front of my eyes...Liked the way the faithful friend gave that look!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies